Creating and updating duplicate databases with rman

I feel that my former PL/SQL coder’s experience had created some expectations from Ansible, that turned out not to be John Smiley Published March 2009 This document will guide you through configuring Oracle Data Guard Fast-Start Failover (FSFO) using a physical standby database.So, 3 Standby Redo Log groups per thread with size of 52M each should be created on Primary as well as standby database.

The standby can be physical or logical and there can be multiple standbys, but only one of the standbys can be the failover target at any given time.So, what we’ll need is: ././inventory/hosts ./inventory/orcl1-vagrant-private_key ./inventory/orcl2-vagrant-private_key ./roles/db_users/files/change_./roles/db_users/files/exists_./roles/db_users/defaults/./roles/db_users/tasks/As you see, this structure greatly enhances the flexibility and reusability, because adding new databases, hosts or users to the list would be done by a simple change to the “db_users:” structure in this defaults file.In this example, dbsnmp and system passwords are rotated for TEST1@orcl1, sys, system and ctxsys passwords are rotated for TEST2@orcl2, and dbsnmp on TEST3@orcl2 $ pass Password Store $ time ansible-playbook -i inventory/hosts PLAY [pasword change automation] ******************************************************* TASK [Gathering Facts] ***************************************************************** ok: [orcl1] ok: [orcl2] TASK [db_users : populate host_db_users] *********************************************** ok: [orcl1] ok: [orcl2] TASK [db_users : create directory for target on db hosts] ****************************** changed: [orcl1] = (item=(, u'dbsnmp')) TASK [db_users : User existance results] *********************************************** TASK [db_users : generate and change the user passwords] ******************************* changed: [orcl2] = (item=(, u'dbsnmp')) TASK [db_users : Password change errors] *********************************************** PLAY RECAP ***************************************************************************** orcl1 : ok=6 changed=3 unreachable=0 failed=0 orcl2 : ok=6 changed=3 unreachable=0 failed=0 real 0m12.418s user 0m8.590s sys 0m3.900s $ pass Password Store |-- orcl1 | |-- TEST1 | |-- dbsnmp | |-- system |-- orcl2 |-- TEST2 | |-- ctxsys | |-- sys | |-- system |-- TEST3 |-- dbsnmp $ pass orcl1/TEST1/system HDec Ebjc6xo O lookup_pass: First generated by ansible on 26/05/2017 itself before.FSFO can provide substantial gains in high availability and disaster recovery preparedness for all environments, from inexpensive Cloud-based systems to global distributed data centers.The information in this guide is based on practical experience gained from deploying FSFO in a global corporate production environment.

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